Monday, October 29, 2012

What Students are Saying about the IUPUI S.I.T.E. Program

Down Syndrome Indiana recently checked in with the IUPUI S.I.T.E. program and talked with its staff to find out how the program is progressing. After an absolutely inspiring conversation, I would like to share with you a little bit of what I learned and why the Indiana Postsecondary Education Coalition feels making college programs available to individuals with an intellectual disability is so important…

What the Students are Saying about the IUPUI S.I.T.E. Program

·         “It’s Great. There’s a lot of nice, friendly people here. There’s a lot more space you can 
               walk around in.”

·         No uniforms;

·         Nicer students – they want to be here;

·         IndyGo bus trips in different parts of Indianapolis;

·         Taking one class;

·         Make lots of friends (a lot of nice people);

·         Learning the different bus routes;

·         Doing the mural project;

·         The library;

·         No fights – it’s peaceful here;

·         F200 Mentors.

What Have the Students Learned so far at IUPUI (mid October 2012)…

·         How to ride the IndyGo bus from home to campus and from campus to home. I am learning
            different routes too so I know how to get other places in the city – get around;

·         How to do PowerPoint presentations and how to put them together;

·         How to budget money (for lunch) so I don’t run out of money for the week;

·         How to put in job applications;

·         What to do in a job interview;

·         Why it is a good idea to volunteer and where I could volunteer;

·         How to drive my power wheelchair on the sidewalks, cross the street, get in and out of
          campus buildings, and get on and off the IndyGo bus;

·         How to use a cell phone to make and answer calls;

·         How to do my receipt sheet;

·         How to log in the computer and my e-mail – how to write and send an e-mail;

·         How to take photographs with a digital camera;

·         How to find my way around campus-to my bus stop, all around the Campus Center, the
           Natatorium, the IUPUI library…etc.


The Indiana Postsecondary Education Coalition (of which DSI is part) envisions a world in which young adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities have the option of electing postsecondary education as part of the person-centered planning as they transition from high school to the adult world.   To find out more, please visit


Sunday, October 14, 2012

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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

October is National Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Can we raise an additional $50,000 online by the end of this October, National Down Syndrome Awareness Month? I believe we can! In order to do this, we only need 200 of our 238 fundraisers to raise $250.00. Sound hard? It’s not; and here’s how we can raise the money and have a huge positive impact on Down Syndrome Indiana:

How to Raise $250 in Only Ten Days

Day 1. Make your own $25 contribution = $25

Day 2. Ask your significant other to also contribute $25 = $50

Day 3. Ask your Mom and Dad to contribute $25 = $75

Day 4. Ask your best friend to contribute $25 = $100

Day 5. Ask your boss to contribute $25 = $125

Day 6. Ask your best friend at work to contribute $25 = $150

Day 7. Ask your sister or brother to contribute $25 = $175

Day 8. Ask your in-laws to contribute $25 = $200

Day 9. Ask a neighbor to contribute $25 = $225

Day 10. Ask a businessperson you support to contribute $25 = $250

Did you know that in the 2013 budget, DSI has to double the amount of money it spends on New Parent Packets because DSI is reaching so many new families? It’s true thanks to your help!

Get Involved. Be Inspired,

Lisa Wells, Executive Director