Thursday, September 24, 2009

How to Raise $250 in Ten Days

The Down Syndrome Indiana Buddy Walk (R) is on October 10, 2009! Visit and click on "Buddy Walk" today to sign up a team or to walk on Saturday!

Need some suggestions to raise money...try this idea from our friends in Kansas City:

HOW TO RAISE $250 in Only Ten Days Day

Make a $25 donation =$25
Ask your significant other for $15 contribution= $40
Ask your mom or dad for $15 contribution =$55
Ask a friend for a $15 contribution= $70
Ask your boss for $25 contribution= $95
*Don't forget to ask if your company has a
matching gift program
Ask 3 co-workers for $15 contribution =$140
Ask your sister or brother for $15 contribution= $155
Ask your in-laws for a $15 contribution= $170
Ask 2 neighbors for $15 contribution =$200
Ask a business owner of somewhere you spend
money for a $50 contribution =$250

Thanks, again, for all of your hard work in helping us raise funds! Your contributions will go a long way in helping Hoosiers with Down syndrome and their families!


Jen Smith'09 Buddy Walk Coordinator

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