Friday, December 27, 2013

In 2044, thirty years from now, Down Syndrome Indiana envisions a state where...

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People with Down syndrome are included and successfully integrated into their communities:

·         It is widely understood that inclusion is a Civil Rights issue;

·         The Buddy Walk® successfully attracts both families of children with Down syndrome and those that have no connection at all;

·         People with Down syndrome receive the best educational tools, supports and curriculum available;

·         Urban planners and architects recognize the need to plan and build according to Universal Design principles;

Accurate and Up to Date Information is distributed: 

·         Down syndrome organizations serve as a one –stop shop for information and resources about Down syndrome;

·         Down syndrome Indiana’s website has appealing videos and easy to read, positive information about Down syndrome;

·         New Parent Packets are digital; 

·         DSI has an effective and far-reaching prenatal outreach program to ensure that accurate and up to date information is distributed when parents receive a diagnosis of Down syndrome; 

·         Medical professionals give the diagnosis of Down syndrome in an empathic, caring way and distribute accurate and up to date information to their patients;

·         The nonprofit community will continue to learn from the business community in terms of creating a system of best practices and consistent messaging through the use of shared materials;

All families regardless of race, ethnicity or income level feel included in the Down syndrome community:

·         There are a variety of community groups (smaller subsets of the larger Down syndrome organization) created to make sure that families have local support;

·         There will be an increase in groups that serve people with Down syndrome working together collaboratively to meet the needs of their families;

·         A high quality, well respected, “First Call” program promptly connects new parents with trained families;

·         All parents will have easy access to accurate and up to date information through their local library, community center, OB/GYN office, pediatrician’s offices, social worker, case manager or  local hospital;

·         There will be a variety of tutoring programs, literacy programs and free or low cost speech, occupational and physical therapy options available to parents;

Adults with Down syndrome desire to live more independently and:

·         Adults with Down syndrome work in community based employment;

·         Individuals with Down syndrome choose to participate in postsecondary education opportunities available in and out of state;

·         A larger variety of housing and independent living options available;

·         There are plenty of high quality affordable adult day programs and respite care opportunities; 

There is a medical model vastly different from the one that exists in 2014:

·         Down syndrome is no longer the least funded genetic condition per capita;

·         People with Down syndrome receive the best medical care to reach their full potential;

·         There are a variety of low-cost or free options for therapies;

Down Syndrome Indiana is a healthy, vibrant and sustainable organization:

·         Down Syndrome Indiana directly serves 50% of families that have a loved one with Down syndrome and live within DSI’s geographic scope. The remaining 50% of families are served indirectly; 

·         Down Syndrome Indiana’s main customers will be parents, guardians and housing facilities that cater to those with a disability, such as group homes;

·         Down Syndrome Indiana is not a place in and of itself. It is an integral part of a larger community working together to meet the needs of people with a disability;   

·         DSI serves the entire span of ages;

·         Down Syndrome Indiana staff, board members and volunteers have a high level of cultural competency;

·         Down Syndrome Indiana has a $5 Million dollar endowment ;

·         Down Syndrome Indiana successfully plans for the succession of its leadership;

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